Harperbury Hospital - Radlett - Update 2018.


A few of the last ancillary buildings opened up prior to demolition so I went back for a couple of trips to get a few photos before they went. For various reasons I wasn't able to get into the main hall which was the part I really wanted to see but such is the nature of the beast. I actually found it quite hard to get motivated to actually take any pictures as the buildings are not really the most interesting to look at. I found one teaching area that looked like it had been closed fairly recently containing various work therapy items, a kiln, work bench, that kind of thing. I've had these pictures lying around for a while but I thought I would add them for completeness. Earlier visits can be found here.


A typical workshop/classroom



Remains of some project



Not sure what the stool on the wall is about.









Remember folks, internet access, it's not for everyone.



So my guess was the place was closed 2007 to 2008.









Outside the airing court.



Moving on I found what looks like a linen storage area.



I wonder how many staff ignored this sign.






Another building, this looked a lot like the laundry area.



The film "Scum" was largely filmed at Harperbury. At around 44:35 you can see the laundry as it used to be.




Then a little wander through the Motor Pool.



Usual sort of thing.






Then an moment of absolute amazement. Just when I think Harperbury is dead on it's feet I find this model hospital in a back room. Long forgotten it looks like some sort of teaching tool from the 50's. I'll let the pictures do the talking. If anyone knows what became of this I would love to know, shame if it got skipped.